SEO: An Essential Part of Business in a Digital World

Many businesses that read this blog post are probably wondering what SEO actually means. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization but what it means to your business is more customers – and thus more sales. We hear all the time from prospective clients that were oversold, undelivered or received sub-par service that they are skeptical of SEO. Most companies out there selling SEO are just looking to provide an add-on service to maintain revenue, rather than focusing on delivering what they are selling (aka phonebook companies). So is your business showing up first or not at all when they search online?

So why is SEO so important?

People use online search engines to find local services more now than ever. They use search engines, look at reviews and browse local businesses online phones day and night. When customers do a search do they find your business? I can guarantee they are finding your competitors. SEO is the process to help your business show up when search terms are entered into Google, Yahoo, Bing or many other search engines.


The truth is SEO is a BIG DEAL!

It takes time, effort and commitment by both the business and the SEO company to succeed. We believe that SEO is an essential part of our clients businesses and we put it to the test every day. Our passion is to make their phone ring one more time, generate one more sale online or generate another email to their inbox. So how long does it take? That depends on many factors, we will not to tell you that the results will be instant or overnight like other companies will. Here are just a few of those factors:

  • What search terms are customers or clients really searching for
  • The amount of competition for the search terms
  • The number of competitors in the market
  • How long competitors have worked on SEO
  • If your website is setup and optimized


What we tell our clients is it takes a minimum of 6 months to get dialed in and one year to start to see results that are consistent. It is not overnight, but our guarantee is that you will see results over time. What you do today for your business directly impacts your success in the future.


Lastly, if your competitors are showing up on a search, then it is likely your competitors are actively investing in SEO. They know what it takes to make the phone ring, generate online sales or to generate leads via email. If they are in the top three positions on Google for the terms people are searching, you can be guaranteed they are generating new business every month.


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