Managing Social Media Doesn’t Have to be Hard

The biggest issue we find for business owners is the time needed to research, write and schedule social media and time is a luxury most business owners just don’t have. Here are a few tips to help keep your social media relevant and updated.

Dedicate a Little Time Every Day

Setup a dedicated time to work on your social media. For most business owners this is early in the morning. Add it to your calendar and morning routine. Browse for articles to share, respond to comments, update your photos. As long as you’re doing a little bit every day, your customers will notice.

Use a Grammar and Spelling Checking Tool

There’s nothing worse than publishing something to the world, only to find a glaring typo or grammatical error. Using a tool that checks both grammar and spelling is priceless, we use and recommend Grammarly to avoid those embarrassing moments.

Schedule Posts in Advance

A tool like Buffer allows you to schedule social media posts multiple days in advance on multiple social media networks at the same time. If you’re counting on your busy schedule allowing you to post social media manually each day, you might want to think again.

We hope these tips help if you’re interested in more tips.

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